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Venture Consulting

Providing supporting services to clients along all the stages of idea development and rationalizing the business idea through a structured process and tested criteria to develop a robust business; along with mentoring through a network of partners covering key competency areas and direct links to early stage venture capitalists.

Technology Assessment and Due Diligence

When planning investing in technology, a technology venture or in technical staff it is essential to take a holistic view at underlying technology, the intellectual property and people that you are considering. The due diligence services provide unbiased opinion and the necessary insight into the technology, competition, marketplace, business model, staff, and operational factors.

Technology and Business Incubation

Starting a new business is often a risky venture, especially in today’s market place. Our Incubation program helps you take your idea to the next level with a supportive environment designed to foster success. Our program provides new ventures with the services, technology and senior expertise to help accelerate business growth while reducing risk.


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